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What's on offer

Simply Reiki

Single distant Reiki session, and no consultation needed. This is a booster session that is best used after the 'Reiki with Guidance' series, as a post-support. This is also perfect for those who are familiar with Reiki, and need no further support.


Reiki with Guidance

This is a package of 3 - 5 distant Reiki healing sessions combined with regular consultations, through which you will gain a clear insight into your state of health and well-being. Because of this knowledge, you will be able to take necessary steps to improve that state. This package is highly recommended as a starting point of your Reiki healing journey, and is designed to bring best results.

Yoga Program

To access deeper states of wellness and energy we also offer personalised yoga and meditation programs suited to your specific needs and goals. Firstly, book an 'Initial Yoga Consultation' to find out more about the process, and see if this is for you.

About me

Member of Australian Reiki Connection

Slavica Praporski

Scientist – Yoga Teacher – Reiki Practitioner

Throughout my life I was curious about life, existence, the nature of things and beings, and how it all works. I have also asked many why’s. No matter how much I got to know and understand, I got to know even better how little I knew and understood. To this day I keep learning, and the horizon of what is there to learn is only ever expanding.

Today I know that there is no end to learning. Today, I also know why that is the case.

We are unlimited beings, born into limiting forms, with one task: to find out our true nature.

I work as a research scientist, currently in the field of haematology. The rest of my time is committed to Reiki, and yoga and meditation study and practice. I have completed my training of ‘Usui System of Natural Healing’ Reiki, Level I and II, with Reiki Master Teacher Martine Salerno, and a 350h Advanced Diploma of Yoga Teaching with Australian Yoga Academy.

If your friend recommended my services to you, it is because they have benefited in some way, and they want the same for you. If you have stumbled onto this page by chance, welcome! Ask me questions!

I am committed to your healing journey and I look forward to working with you.

Thank you for being here.

Feel free to ask me questions!