Learn to Meditate

New date coming soon | 8 week course

You are invited to ‘sample’ various styles of meditation in this 8-week course, where you will learn that no particular style is better or worse, but that there is one that works well for you. 

The course will also cover introductory pranayama practices, including techniques that are gentle, safe, and accessible to everyone, anytime! 

You will learn that when you put aside a bit of time to practice your favourite style, your general feeling of happiness and joy will increase.  

What’s best, you will learn that your favourite style can change any day, and that this is OK. You will have a variety of styles to choose from. 

Reiki Healing

In-person & online

Reiki healing is very special, and anyone who has experienced its benefits will be able to tell a story of change that was unique and special, sometimes totally unexpected, and always fascinating.

Be Kind Today offers different options when it comes to providing Reiki healing. The classical, in-person, hands-on technique is always the best way to go.

However, with the limitations of our current busy lives, and our locations, it may be easier to access the power of distant healing, and we do that over Zoom.

Yoga for Beginners

Starts August 7th | 8 week course

Join me in this novel 8-week beginners yoga course where you will learn about what it means to ‘practice’ yoga as you haven’t seen before!  

We will learn about different aspects of yoga practice, and how you can adjust these practices to suit your own unique requirements. 

The focus will be on learning several yoga poses from each category and tying them in short flow sequences. Ultimately, you will be able to follow a full vinyasa flow class. 

You will gain understanding what the role of each pose is and how they affect your body and mind. 

What People Say

Meet Slavica

Throughout my life I was curious about life, existence, the nature of things and beings, and how it all works. I have also asked many why’s. No matter how much I got to know and understand, I got to know even better how little I knew and understood. To this day I keep learning, and the horizon of what is there to learn is only ever expanding.

Today I know that there is no end to learning. Today, I also know why that is the case.

We are unlimited beings, born into limiting forms, with one task: to find out our true nature.

My time is committed to Reiki, and yoga and meditation study and practice. I have completed my training of Usui System of Natural Healing Reiki, Level 1, 2 (2018) and 3-A (2021), with Reiki Master Teacher Martine Salerno, and a 350h Advanced Diploma of Yoga Teaching with Australian Yoga Academy (2016).

If your friend have recommended my services to you, it is because they have benefited in some way, and they want the same for you. If you have stumbled onto this page by chance, welcome! Ask me questions!

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