What is Reiki Healing?

The meaning of the Japanese word Reiki is usually translated as ‘spiritual energy’ or ‘universal life force’.

It is the “energy that sustains all life”. If you are curious to learn more, Pamela Miles has written two amazing articles (article 1 & article 2) about the meaning of the Japanese Reiki Kanji and their contemporary translations.

Many have written about Reiki and Reiki healing in order to explain what it means for them personally and how they understand it. From the modern scientific perspective, there is no explanation for what Reiki is, and there is no proof for its existence, however, ask anyone who has been practicing Reiki, and they will tell you otherwise. There is something ‘felt & experienced’ that cannot be denied.

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Over the last several decades, many clinical studies have attempted to examine the benefits of Reiki therapy on various human diseases and conditions, however, the evidence that would be sufficient for the mainstream medical establishment to recommend Reiki to their patients, or include it as a standard of care, is still out of reach.

However, Pamela Miles said in one of her comments to a similar question that: “…Regarding research, scientists and doctors do not speak in terms of proof; only the lay public and the media do that, and it is a serious misunderstanding. If research were about proof, how could we have so many studies that contradict one another? Medical research is done to narrow the likelihood of harm and maximize the likelihood of benefit. Physicians cannot ethically or legally recommend patients spend their time and money on practices and products that have not met basic standards. That said, research data aren’t the only information considered when advising patients. This is how Reiki treatment has come to be offered to patients in hospitals around the country despite the lack of evidence needed to include it in standard care. Making it available and recommending it are two different levels of acceptance in health care.

This reassures me that we do not have to wait for the science to catch up, in order to provide and promote Reiki healing to our clients, as we know that it makes a big difference to their healing and recovery without any known risks of harm.

Today, Reiki healing modality is acknowledged and accepted as a complementary therapy relating to energy healing and it is widely used all over the world in many settings, for there is ample anecdotal evidence for its benefits and safety.

If you are interested in the history of how Reiki healing and practice has become what it is today, please visit Australian Reiki ConnectionKomyo ReikiDo International, and Reiki, Medicine & Self Care with Pamela Miles.

My encounter with Reiki and how I got to become a practitioner is another story, but here, I will simply describe how I got to see it from my own experience.

Reiki is Love

The Love I talk about is not the love that we are familiar with. It is something altogether different.  

This love is ‘unconditional’ or ‘universal’. To love universally, is to love those who appear undeserving of such love, to love our dislikes, to love our pain and suffering, to love our worst enemy, and to love the un-loveable. From a personal perspective, that is hard, and for many – impossible. The love we give, and take, is mostly of personal nature, limited and with the expiration date. It is conditional.

Reiki is not like that. Reiki is love for all and everything. Since ‘all and everything’ is the concept equated to a ‘spirit’, then Reiki is, first and foremost, a spiritual energy. 

To ‘practice’ Reiki means to daily connect and sit within this energy, while the use of Reiki as a healing modality (Reiki Ryoho – a two-fold practice, spiritual and therapeutic) means that one who practices Reiki daily becomes a pure channel for this energy, and can pass it onto others. 

When I practice Reiki, I practice loving unconditionally. When I provide hands-on or distant Reiki healing, I channel this quality or energy to you, so that you receive love (Reiki) without conditions. I become a channel to something that is bigger and greater than me; something that is equally present in you, and that connects us all. It is this energy that fuels life. It is essential and always available. When we are in touch with it, we get to see it for what it is, and this knowing and experience liberates. 

When you receive Reiki healing, your personal energy gets replenished and your connection to your own self deepens. Depending on your current state, your experience will vary, and will change as your relationship to your own self heals and recovers. Reiki restores your energy balance from which you can live a life of contentment and ease. 

In very simple terms, when your energy is balanced, your own healing mechanisms are stimulated and supported. Therefore, Reiki healing is not a cure, and it is not a miracle, no matter how some results may appear. It is your innate ability to heal that gets activated as you receive Reiki. 

So science or not, believing or not, Reiki therapy makes a real difference. I say this based on my experience of treating 99 individuals (from the age of 5 up to the age of 78) over 831 sessions since I finished my Reiki Okuden level of training back in 2018. As of 1st of December 2021, I am dedicating my time to providing Reiki treatments on a full-time basis.