“One day over a coffee Slavica mentioned to me that she was performing distant Reiki. I’d heard of Reiki, but being a scientist I was a little skeptical about it. At the time I was going through a lot of changes in my life and was feeling quite unsettled. My attempts to calm my mind through mindfulness meditation weren’t proving very effective. I can still remember the first afternoon Slavica performed distant Reiki with me. I lay down to meditate and set my alarm for 30 minutes. Then after what felt like 2 minutes my alarm went off and I realized that I’d been in the deepest meditation I’d ever been in. I came to feeling very calm and more present than I’d ever felt. Over the next month Slavica performed distant Reiki and I felt my unsettled feelings lifting to a point where now I feel more focused and present than I have for years. I will be continuing distant Reiki with Slavica, and would highly recommend it to anyone.” ..by A.P. ★

“I had instant connection with Slavica when we first met at work. Slavica who owns and runs ‘bekindtoday’ is warm, empathetic and a good communicator.

Slavica through Reiki has taught me to manage stress. I am very thankful for her to introduce me to Reiki and what she can do remotely is just amazing. What a blessing it has been, a journey with Slavica, she always has time for me. Remote Reiki is fantastic for individuals who are time poor. I would gladly recommend ‘bekindtoday’ to anybody who is willing and open to Reiki.” ..by L.T. ★

“I was introduced to Reiki with Slavica through a mutual friend. I had suffered from muscle aches and pain for about 8 years following a marriage break up, in particular severe neck and shoulder pain. We had a brief discussion by text message and Slavica mentioned she would give me Reiki that evening. I had just tucked the kids in bed and was starting to sit down when I felt a wave like sensation pass through me. It was an obvious sensation and about half an hour later I noticed my neck, which had been very sore and stiff, the pain had disappeared. I couldn’t believe it. I moved my neck around and no discomfort at all. That night I had the best sleep in a very long time. The next day I messaged Slavica to see if she had given me Reiki or I was imagining things. She replied saying ‘No, you are not imagining it!’. Slavica had a lot to tell me from the session and I learnt a lot about myself. I always thought I handled stress quite well but after each session, it was apparent I needed to relax a lot more 😊. I was definitely much calmer and relaxed after each Reiki session. Slavica also gave my 10 year old son Reiki, who had been struggling since the marriage break up, and I noticed a change immediately first thing the next morning. He is a lot happier now! I have seen many Chiropractors, Osteopaths, Physiotherapists, Myotherapists and had acupuncture over the years. Had X-rays and MRIs to find the source of my pain but to no avail. Reiki healing is to me a miracle treatment and all without physical contact and performed wherever you may be. Thank you Slavica for allowing me to live a happier life.” ..by M.R. ★

“I was in a dark place when I was referred by a friend. During my time and sessions with Slavica, I felt safe and comfortable to deal with any blocks and areas for development. The Reiki sessions helped me to understand myself. I now feel much lighter following my Reiki sessions. I am in a better place spiritually and emotionally, plus feel more affirmed and confident to tackle life’s challenges. My centred approach is a product of my healing sessions with Slavica and I would not hesitate to seek out Slavica if I need to re-energise and refocus. Thank you Slavica, words can’t describe how grateful I am for your compassion, patience and healing.” ..by M.S. ★

“Gripped with fear and self-doubt with a racing mind, I often wondered how long I could go on like this. Luckily for me, I met an amazing person, who happens to practice Reiki of which I heard of 7 years ago but unsure of trying. I have learnt so much about myself through Reiki. In Slavica, I found a Reiki practitioner who continues to reveal, confirm, and consolidate my thoughts and feelings. Slavica does this with trust, kindness, warmth and above all else, she does it without judgment. As I am a work-in-progress I look forward to working closely with Slavica to live my best life.” ..by P.L. ★